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Unique ring made of gold rolled metal and designed with an original curvilinear style. Oriental line, on the surface of this exclusive piece highlights the engraving of our logo. Its oriental and versatile style make this piece an ideal jewel for any type of look. Wear a 100% handcraft piece made in Spain by UNOde50. Size O

  • SILVER PLATED PIECES:Clean with a soft cloth or with a non-abrasive silver cleaner.
  • GOLD PLATED PIECES:Clean with a soft cotton cloth, damped with warm water and mild soap in case the piece is very dirty.
  • LEATHER:Clean leather parts with mild soap or an unscented and colorant free moisturising cream.
  • RESINS:Use a soft cloth to enhance the brightness of the beads.
  • CRYSTALS AND GLASS:Use a soft, slightly damp cloth

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Weight 89 g